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Fitness Classes

Thai Boxing and Thai-Pads Classes

Thai Boxing Classes

Muay Thai Boxing is the most effective stand up martial art in the world... it involves punches, kicks knees and elbows. Firewalker teaches Thai Boxing to the highest level having trained world class athletes and champions..  It is a great all round fitness workout and at the same time teaches discipline confidence and respect.. Firewalker has a number of highly skilled instructors with years of experience and success including Wolverhampton’s Kirkwood 'Fire' Walker himself.

Fitness benefits - Thai Boxing

1. Improved Cardiovascular Training

Not many sporting activities come close to delivering the cardiovascular exercises offered by Thai boxing. Being both anaerobic & aerobic, Thai boxing places big emphasis on your cardio fitness. With constant practice, you’ll be able to adapt to the sport, & better cardiovascular routine is one of those payoffs.

2. Strengthens Your Legs

Footwork & Kicking play a huge role in Muay Thai boxing. One activity which is typical in Thai boxing is the roundhouse kick. Knowing how to kick improves the muscle structure of your lower body. Each muscle inside your lower body benefits from performing various footwork drills & kicks involved in this sport.

4. Improved Hip Movement

 Although it might not happen immediately, however with time the kneeing & kicking movements of the sport will encourage improved hip movement. Having strong hips alone will save you from severe pain as well as several terrible medical issues in later part of your life. Simply remember to perform your stretching & foam rolling or have a random massage & your hips will feel amazing.

5. Relieve your stress

This is the best benefit which Thai boxing could offer. Most of us accumulate plenty of stress throughout the day. As a result of the fast-paced characteristic of this sport, you cannot trouble yourself physically with worry during your training. Performing a martial art lets you concentrate on yourself & nothing else. Performing something on a regular basis which detaches you from your daily grind can help you become a more carefree person & much satisfied.

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