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Thursday, 12 February 2015 23:31

Kirkwood "Fire" Walker is back!!! Featured

kirk-fire-walkerKirkwood Walker is back teaching on Tuesdays at Firewalker at 7pm... For those who don't know Kirkwood was 5 times World Champion in Thai boxing and Kickboxing... He is one of a handful of pioneers of Thai boxing in Britain training in the internationally famous Wolverhampton Heath Town gym Trojan and under the tutelage of Master Toddy in Manchester... Kirkwood became an internationally respected fighter competing against many of the legends of the sport... He also competed in the K1 in Japan in its heyday when it was the pinnacle of stand up martial arts... Through Kirkwood's hard fought success he helped open the door for many other fighters from Britain to have international glory... Firewalker continues this process of glory.. continues to reap the rewards of Kirkwood's fighting spirit by developing international fighters like Kerrith Bhella and Dre Groce... It is not often that you meet a martial arts legend.. let alone get to be trained by them.... Many gyms but only one Firewalker...

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