Tuesday, February 20, 2018


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Fitness Classes

Yoga classes at Wolverhampton’s Firewalker

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise. It involves stretching relaxation strength balance and meditation. Some classes at Firewalker are a little more strength based and others are little more stretching focused. All classes are suitable for all levels as everyone works to their own level.

In our present day way of living, one of the most overwhelming aspects is the buildup of tension which has detached many of us from the joys of feeling good and great.  However, you can benefit in Wolverhampton by participating in our Yoga classes within the Firewalkers surroundings. 

Our yogic sessions will let you to escape from all these tensions of life. The meditation and Yoga poses are ideal remedies to release stress. Additionally, all the toxic elements get washed off by practicing yoga.

Various researches have been conducted into Yoga benefits. Every single facet of Yoga holds some kind of value. From the breathing, yoga postures, all the way to the meditation, each of these are highly beneficial for your health. There’s no doubt that you will experience a high amount of energy

in your body, thus changing your entire wellbeing overtime. 


Our aim is to provide a peaceful mind & good fitness and fun …Joby takes most of the classes.. see our timetable

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